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Should we get aLimo…. or a Stretch limo?

The limousine is a symbol of extravagance and class, it reminds us of lavish parties or top-tier corporate executives, for Blog special occasions and sometimes, just for fun.
Whichever occasion you are looking to hire a limo for, there is always a question: Regular or Stretch?

The Standard Limousine

The standard limo is a super luxury sedan that is longer in size but not much in space. It can normally provide room to seat 3 people and so is an ideal car for business executives or wedding couples or to surprise someone special at the airport with airport limo service. There is exceptional legroom and other amenities inside, and a whole lot of storage space.

Stretch Limousine

Stretch limos are an exaggerated version of regular limos, up to 10 meters long. They are crafted by cutting cars in half and elongating them in the middle, which requires a lot of mechanical and bodywork. Stretch limos are ideal for parties and proms as they can seat 6, 8, and 10 people at a time. Just like we have at MSP Limo service here.

What to get?

If you are hiring a limo for your wedding, both the stretch and regular will make for a great picture backdrop and seat you both comfortably. However, if you are entertaining a group any bigger in size than a couple, it is always better to get more room with a stretch limo.
No matter which one you choose, we have the right limousine service in Minneapolis to meet your needs.
Call us today and book one that you would fall in love with.

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