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Wear Your Green and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Minneapolis - St. Paul on a Party Bus!

Wear Your Green and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Minneapolis – St. Paul on a Party Bus!

St. Patrick’s Day in Minneapolis can be a blast with friends on a party bus!

Wear Your Green and Celebrate in a Group!

Spring 2022 is time to get out and reconnect with friends; we’ve been isolated for way too long! If you miss your adult friends and are ready for fun, grab your green and get on the bus.

Pick a Parade

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Paul starts at noon. Your driver can find a convenient spot to drop you off, and you can set a pick-up time and location with your driver so you can stroll the city, enjoy the parade and celebrate the Irish Day of Dance in the city of St. Paul proper. After the parade in St. Paul, you can also get back on the bus and head for dinner with your friends before checking out the parade in Minneapolis, which starts at 6:30!

What Should I Wear Besides Green?

March in Minnesota can be cool, but spring will hopefully be in the air. The sunny parade in St. Paul will be bright and will probably be a bit warmer than the evening parade in Minneapolis. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear; there may still be snow or ice on some streets. If you’re planning a bit of dancing on the bus, carry a bag with some fancier gear.

How Do I Treat My Friends on the Bus?

You can book a smaller bus for up to 23 friends and even have room for one small bag each. You can

  • book the bus for the day
  • easily move from parade to parade
  • stop and enjoy the dance festival or street fair
  • enjoy a snack and a beverage as you travel

You have access to a skilled driver who knows the city with a party bus. If the weather gets nasty, your driver will be able to handle it. They’ll also be able to help you schedule your pick-up and drop-off with as little fuss as possible.

Stay Safe, Have Fun!

Everyone has heard of the stories of too much green beer. You and your friends can have a wonderful time without having to try to drive on the same roads as folks who’ve had too much to drink. If any of your friends over-imbibe, you have a professional driver to help you out until you get your friend into another vehicle to send them home.

While your party bus driver probably can’t pick up everyone at their home, you can set up a pick-up point that is

  • safe
  • well-lit
  • convenient

Your friends will love the chance to hang out, enjoy some music, see the sights and enjoy great company. Make dinner reservations at Emmett’s Public House or Morrissey’s, or send out the menu to your friends in the days leading up to the party so you can place orders for take-out and dine on the bus.

It’s About Connection

Why stress while fighting your way through a crowded bar for a green beer? Why worry about finding a table, waiting for food, or dealing with folks who’s had too much to drink?

Your traveling party can be quite comfortable and much safer than traveling individually. When you send out your invites, include options for

  • preferred beverages
  • favorite snacks
  • music that moves you

Your favorite folks, enjoying a favorite beverage and great tunes, will be all the party you need. You’ll all be safer and have fewer hassles on a party bus. Dance the night away on a rolling dance floor, handled by an event transportation professional who knows the roads and can serve as the designated driver for you and 23 friends!

Spring is always an excellent time for a fresh start. A party bus is a perfect choice if you’re ready to reconnect with friends and celebrate wearing the green but don’t want to fuss with the crowds. Make your reservation soon so you can send out invites and plan your event. Enjoy!

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