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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo in Minneapolis?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo in Minneapolis?

If you have a special occasion coming up, you might want to rent a luxury car or limousine to handle all your transportation needs. A limo service is a perfect choice if you don’t want to deal with traffic, intend to travel with a group, or desire a sense of luxury and relaxation on your travels.

So, how much is a limo rental in Minneapolis? The answer is not clear-cut because several factors affect the price of limousine services. Consult the guide below to learn about those price factors to ensure you know what to expect when booking a reservation.

Factors That Influence Limo Rental Prices

Selected Vehicle from the Fleet

Before you can learn the answer to “how much is limo a service,” you must first understand how the type of limo or luxury vehicle you select will influence your price. Limo companies often include multiple vehicles in their fleet to accommodate their passengers’ needs.

For instance, motor coaches and party buses are excellent choices for groups of 15 to 50 who want to travel together and have fun on the road. Hourly rates for these vehicles can be as high as $300 an hour. A minibus can accommodate up to 23 people and may have lower rates.

A Mercedes Sprinter Shuttle and limousine can easily seat eight to 14 people, thanks to the vehicle’s raised roof and spacious seating. Demand for these limos is high, so hourly rates can range from $95 to $140.

Stretch limos that hold six to 20 people are also popular and in high demand. You could pay around $100 to $250 an hour on the low end. A stretch Hummer is more expensive and averages between $150 and $300 hourly.

You don’t have to pay hundreds an hour for limo service. A luxury two-passenger sedan might cost about $65 to $75 an hour.

Always keep in mind the cost per head. Even though some of the larger vehicles may seem expensive at face value, when you consider the price per person, it can be very affordable and sometimes even cheaper than other transportation options.

Limo Packages

People often hire limousines for special events like weddings, birthday parties, and proms. Many limo companies offer packages for those occasions and others, like concerts, wine or brewery tours, and sporting events, allowing you to save money overall. With these packages, you can take advantage of reduced prices or unique amenities at no additional cost.

If you intend to hire a limo driver for your wedding day, your vehicle may come equipped with bottled water and champagne for you, your spouse, and members of your bridal party. The package may also allow multiple stops, including the wedding venue, reception hall, and hotel.

Prom packages are also standard. Instead of alcohol, the limousine may have chilled bottles of water. The driver may provide multiple pickups, dropoffs, or a single trip to and from the prom’s location.

When looking for a limousine company for any event, it’s always a good idea to explore their packages. Select the option that best suits your needs. Understand that extra amenities and stops usually mean higher rental costs unless you select a package that includes these options.

Date, Time, and Location

It’s possible to pay more for a trip based on when and where you need to go. For instance, limo rentals in major cities with heavy traffic will likely cost more than luxury car services in rural communities. Prices can also increase on weekends and holidays when people are most likely to hire private transportation.


As you explore the answer to “how much is limo rental,” remember that some limousine companies offer specials in addition to limo packages.

New My Black Car Ride clients can receive a 10% discount on their hourly rate or booking total if they mention they are new customers at the time of booking. The special discount applies to all car services, including airport limo rentals, event car services, and 24/7 limo rental.

Senior citizens can save 10% on their total fare cost. Corporate limo clients can also receive discounts when using executive transportation regularly. Special discounts are subject to change, so check out the latest promotions before booking.

How Much Is a Limo Rental?

If you’re still wondering how much limo rental is, rest assured that the My Black Car Ride team is here to help. Unlike many other limo companies, we offer a quick online booking form with accurate quotes to help you price your limo rental using the key factors contributing to its cost. Reach out today to experience the luxury of limo service for yourself.

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