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Minneapolis/MSP Airport & Car Service FAQs

Minneapolis/MSP Airport & Car Service FAQs

Minneapolis Airport is one of the busiest hubs for travel in the country. It helps to have reliable transportation for you and your guests while navigating this hub. When you search “Airport car service Minneapolis,” black car service from My Black Car Ride should be your first and only solution.

The professionals at My Black Car Ride provide the ultimate transportation service. Our chauffeurs get you to and from the airport in safety and comfort. Here are answers to some questions we often receive about this service.

What Is Black Car Service?

Hiring professional chauffeurs for black car service offers unmatched ease of travel. These vehicles provide several amenities for passengers, whether casual travelers or business professionals, including:

  • Clean and spacious interiors
  • On-road WiFi access
  • Privacy accommodations
  • Added security

Black car service is ideal for avoiding the hassle of finding transportation near airports. Professional chauffeurs are punctual and plan several routes to avoid traffic delays.

Does Minneapolis Have a Designated Drop-Off Location?

Yes. The airport has two terminals where covered parking is available. You can direct your driver to drop you off at either of these locations.

Always schedule your ride a little before you need it. This way, the driver has plenty of time to reach the meeting spot before you arrive, and you ensure your vehicle of choice.

Most black car services will allow you to choose a pick-up location. You can specify whether you want to meet your chauffeur inside or curbside.

How Many Passengers Will Fit in a Vehicle?

Black car service companies can arrange a vehicle that will seat between 4-16 passengers. If you are arriving at the airport as a group, this is the best way to stay together. Comfortable SUVs and vans will ensure that your party has plenty of room.

Will I Need a Mask?

COVID-19 restrictions no longer require you to wear masks in vehicles at the time of this publication. This policy also applies within the MSP Airport and on airplanes. Most companies recommend mask coverings if you suspect you are sick.

If you have had COVID symptoms in the past few days, contact the transportation company over the phone. You can also reach out by searching “Airport car service Minneapolis” and contacting customer service. These representatives will offer recommendations on how to proceed.

What if I Am Late for My Plane?

The chauffeur will adhere to laws and speed limits to ensure the safety of you and your fellow passengers. You must schedule the appropriate amount of time you need to travel to the Minneapolis Airport.

Advanced reservations allow you to rest assured the driver will meet at the agreed time. Try to be on time to avoid stressful scenarios.

If you think you will be late for the reservation, communicate these concerns to the driver. These professionals may be able to find solutions if given proper notice.

How Much Does a Ride Cost From the MSP Airport?

Rates depend on the vehicle, travel distance, and time. Most transportation services will charge by the hour. For some cars, this may range from $65-150 per hour.

Still, these services are worth the expense. You can beat airport traffic and relax after a long flight.

Some companies offer package deals to reduce pricing. Speak to representatives to explore your options.

How Late Does Airport Service Operate?

It may be challenging to arrange rides late at night with taxis or conventional rideshares. Black car services will operate at any hour of the day you need them. You can be sure that someone will be ready to pick you up when you need it.

Experienced drivers always operate safely during late hours and in difficult weather conditions.

How Do I Book a Reservation?

Booking a ride from Minneapolis Airport is easy. Travelers recommend reaching out to My Black Car Ride for reliable transportation. We give all our customers options that provide stress-free trips to and from the airport location.

Affordable solutions make traveling alone or by group easy. Choose from a fleet of SUVs, limousines, sedans, and buses. No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed a stylish vehicle provided with impeccable service.

Search no further for “Airport car service Minneapolis”; contact us today. Call My Black Car Ride in Minneapolis, MN, at 612-269-8513.

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